Buffalo Industries Receiving Our Specialty Gas Products and Services

Given the certified accuracy of their production, their ready availability,  and their affordable pricing, PurityPlus® Specialty Gases continue to be the preference of firms in diverse  industries. Accommodating such diversity requires a staff of professionals who have a deep affiliation with and knowledge of all these industries. And that’s what Buffalo clients recognize in Haun Specialty Gases. Our people have the expertise to advise customers of the best gases for their unique tasks, whatever they are. Among the industries we routinely serve are …

We’ve been providing PurityPlus® gases for a fair amount of time now, and we’re thrilled to be included in the PurityPlus® family. Our specialty gas laboratory is fully certified as fulfilling every quality standard PurityPlus® has initiated. Third-party auditing, continual training, and periodic participation in industry seminars see to it that our manufacturing procedures are always ahead of the curve and our personnel are always well aware of the current techniques and trends in the various industries we serve.

For a better understanding of what we offer every one of these industries, follow the links and check out the various pages of our website. And to learn how can we satisfy your industry needs, talk with the experts at Haun Specialty Gases. We’re here for you. All you have to do is contact us online or give us a call at 716-630-9353. You’ll soon appreciate what our certified purity, local availability, and local service can do for you!